About Us

As Australia's main earnings tax offerings company, we're conscious that most people regard taxes as a burden. It is why we've got created the UBS Accountants. It is our way of ensuring that your tax revel is pleasant.

Take the UBS accountants to gain, and we're going to alternate the way you feel approximately tax time. Consider us together with your tax returns and different tax wishes, and you'll get the advice, information and attention you deserve.

Why We Are Different

Affordable Pricing

Before preparing your return, we'll tell you how much it's going to cost.

Tax Professional Advice

We'll make sure you get all the rebates and deductions you're entitled to.

24/7 Availability

We'll help you with timely tax-saving tips, late filings, amendments to your returns and more.

Your ATO representative

We'll respond to any government inquiries or requests on your behalf, but not as your legal representatives. Stop in today and see what the UBS Accountants can do for you - and your tax return. Let us take the burden out of tax for you.


At UBS Accountants, we consider that each one of our customers is entitled to the highest degree of provider.


Our Tax experts undergo the maximum rigorous training program within the enterprise so that they recognize how to maximize every one of the returns they prepare. In other phrases, we ensure that you may benefit from every deduction and rebate to be had to you.


The expertise of our team is unparalleled in the industry. We believe accounting isn't your job, it's ours.

Farooq Ali
Managing Director
Zeeshan Kareem
Managing Director
Kavita Khullar
Managing Partner (QLD)
Zeeshan Aslam
Managing Partner (ACT)
Tax Manager
Tax Accountant
Junior Accountant

The UBS Approach

UBS is thoroughly and wholly committed to your success in business. Our experts remain competent by keeping up to date to the ever changing policies, approaches and laws. Assisting your journey to your financial goals and even further; the UBS team is wholeheartedly invested in your dream. We provide a diverse range of services including but not limited to setting up new businesses and taxation services.

Our Vision

We believe that no business is too small to face challenges. We envision being among the leading global accounting firms by the year 2021.

Our Mission

At UBS, our mission is to provide the best solution to all business problems to a diverse client base.


We Are Different


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